TO BE A GOOD FISH DEALER IN JAPAN (or, such a pity for the fish) 



A Nonfiction Story by Naoto Nakamura
Copyright 1995 Naoto Nakamura


1 The Black Cod under the Elevated Railway
2 Walking Around Tokyo for Good and Cheap Fish
3 The Rookie of the Autioneer Company
4 Herring Fillets, Japanese Style
5 Buddy Mister Nine
6 Frozen At The Wholesale Market
7 The Barge On Kuskokwin River
8 The Buck Rogers Cafe
9 Marijuana Pickers
10 The Yukon King Salmon
11 Way Down Kodiak
12 The Party And The Shooting At Night
13 The Smuggling
14 Eleanor
15 Good Time Charlie's
16 Bubble Phenomenon In The Fish Market
17 ATC's Red Salmon
18 The Fugitive
19 Toukai(East-Sea)Fish Fillets
20 The Business With Supermarkets
21 The Capelin Man
22 Barcelona
23 The Island Of New Foundland
24 Dancing In The Dark
25 The First Date
26 Marriage And Father's Death
27 Norwegign Herring
28 The Plan
29 Nissho Iwai Seafoods Inc.
30 Out Of Work
31 Tomen Suisan
32 Russian Factory Ship
33 The Parade
34 The Lost Japanese
35 To The Sea Of Okhotsk
36 Pyotr Ilichov
37 The Poor Catch Of Red Salmon
38 Red Salmon Delivery Around Midnight
39 Coming Home
41Finally, For The Future