When I came back from Canada in July, the first thing I
did was to make a phone call to my future wife.
We dated.
I took her to a French restaurant in the most high-class
hotel in Tokyo. This was an idea derived from what a Mr.
Miura (Three-gulfs), the branch manager of Nissho Iwai Tronto
had told me.
"When I am stationed in a certain country, the first thing I
always do is to go to the most high-class French restaurant in
the best hotel there. It's the easiest way to get used to that
country," said Mr. Miura.
The restaurant was celebrating Le Quatorze Juillet and they
had a special menu for it.
The price for the special menu was 40 thousand yen (400
I kept on looking at the menu to choose a la carte. The
prices all seemed to have an extra zero on the figures.
I took a breath and looked at my future wife's menu. The
prices were not written there. Even now, I don't know why it
was like that, but if there is a good reason for that, I would be
very happy if someone would teach me why.
I ordered at last, and we had our first dinner.
I spent lots of money to fill up our stomachs.
We finished dinner but Tokyo didn't look so different than
before. We took a walk and ate some Chinese noodles at Ginza
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