Mr. Honda must have thought that the end was close. He
had been thinking about how to survive.
Mr. Honda planned to create a new company financed by
both Nissho Iwai and Toukai Fish Fillets.
The situation of Toukai Fish Fillets was critical.
The two self-owned plants of Toukai Fish Fillets and the
more than five plants, operated on consignment basis, were
located in such a wide area that delivery of raw material and
products between plants, stocking refrigerators and customers
caused a huge increase of inefficiency and cost.
One more serious problem was that the supermarkets started
to keep close attention towards quality control. Their suppliers
were checked and some of Toukai Fish Fillets' plants were
regarded as improper in terms of facilities and sanitation.
The only way to solve these problems was to modernize
and intensively combine the functions into a single large plant,
which would be at the same time, the new company.
Mr. Honda made his own plans to rebuild Toukai Fish
Fillets and talked with Nissho Iwai. Nissho Iwai had to help
Mr. Honda because they didn't want to fall into bad debts.
As a location for the new plant and new company, a piece
of land owned by a refrigerator company was proposed. But
soon this was cancelled for reasons concerning water costs.
Next, a place owned by an auctioneer company, Dai-ichi
Marine Products
, was proposed. It was beside the Funabashi
Bay in the Chiba Prefecture. It was also close to Makuhari
, a place popular for large, international exhibitions.
With this 8 thousand square yard land in mind, Mr. Honda
made a rough design of the actual plant by himself. He also
did the negotiations with the constructors. Preliminary
arrangements to shut the old plant were made. Negotiations
with customers were done continuously so that they would
keep trading with the new company. Mr. Honda worked with
a great deal of energy and came to put the pieces of his plan
This plan approved by Nissho Iwai became a big project
spotlighted by the whole Japanese fish business.
The new company was named Nissho Iwai Seafoods Inc..
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