The red salmon catch finished up being very poor.
Although, only once, a large number of red salmon were
delivered to Cerograska. The people of Cerograska talked to
the set netters and let them make a special delivery.
Around midnight, when I was sleeping in my cabin, the
deck started to get noisy. I got out of the cabin, scrubbing my
sleepy eyes and on the deck, they were loading fish on board.
In the glaring lights, there was a purse net hanging down
from a winch and water was spilling from it. The net was too
far for me to see what was inside. There was a shack beside
me and inside it was an operator who was moving the winch
by remote control. The purse net moved at level until it came
above a fish tank, where a man waiting there pulled the bottom
of the net with a long stick, making the fish flood into the
tank. I walked down a steel staircase to get a closer look.
The empty net was hanging down straight like a dead man,
and it moved over the side of Cerograska. I looked down to
the sea from the side of the old factory ship and there was a
small iron barge floating there rolling and pitching. I stuck
my face out in the strong wind and what I saw on the barge
were two workers trying to catch the down-coming end of the
purse net.
The rustproof painted barge was full of red salmon, that
shone dim-silverly.

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