There was a Japanese cemetery close to the airport of
Khabarovsk. Soldiers of a defeated country lie there. Flowers
of various colours are decorated by the Russian people around
the graves at all times of the year.
During the war, most Japanese believed that they were
dying for the country. I wondered if I could have died that
way. The answer is, yes and no.
Man is mortal, I thought.
Something made me feel tired and vain. It must have been
the situation surrounding the fish business: the depressed
market of Japan; the disability of the Russian industries; the
disability of myself, not being able to make things better,
although I knew how to!
This feeling seemed not to disappear all the way back to
Japan .
I felt like I wanted to get lost when I reached the airport of
As a matter of fact, I actually did get lost. From the airport,
l didn't call Tomen Suisan. I just directly went home and had
dinner with my wife. I didn't want to go to the company and
I didn't want to talk about why.
By chance, when my wife and I were having dinner, a phone
call came from Tomen Suisan. I told my wife to tell them,
that she hadn't heard from me yet.
Some days later, the management let them check the
boarding list of the Aeroflot flight back to Japan. They found
my name there. I was fired because of this.

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