I watched Steven Speilberg's Jurassic Park with my wife
one day. About a month later, my wife was reading the novel
of Jurassic Park, and she read me a part written about fractal
for me.
Roughly, she went like this.
When you see a mountain from a distance, the shape is
jagged. Now if you close up, and then see the rocks existing
there, they also have the same kind of jagged shape.
Furthermore, we can go closer and take a look into the world
of molecule or atom. They say that the shape seen there are
also similar.
Fractal geometry is a geometry that focuses upon subjects
that have random and complicated shapes: like mountains,
trees, or the waterlines of beaches. Then I thought that the
economy should suit the theory too, since the waves of it had
the same kind of random and complicated shape.
Talking about fish business, every part you see looks
depressed and frustrated.
A major change must be done.
Long ago, there had been an open and fair type of
distribution in Japan. It was the wholesale market.
Today, the wholesale market has become so weary, that
they would need some kind of government assistance to operate
fairly. The subsidy for rice -- that used to be in work for many
years after the war, but recently abolished -- would be a good
So now, I suggest here to the Japanese government, the
establishment of an organization as follows.
The Planning Of Establishing "The Organization To
Promote Fair Fish Trading".
<The Purpose And Aim>
l To assist and foster companies involved in the fish
2 To help to estimate fairly, the price of fish in the wholesale
market, according to their quality and situation of resources.
<The Contents>
l Establishment of"The Organization To Promote Fair Fish
Trading (abridged to The Organization from here on)."
2 The collecting of fish shipments and the sales of them.
-- The Organization will collect shipments of fish widely
from the market and act as an agent to sell them to the
central wholesale markets throughout the country on a daily
market price basis. The Organization will also sell fish to
wholesalers and fish processors on a cost price basis.
3 The providing of subsidies to companies involved in the
fish business.
-- The Organization will make up losses caused by the
consigned shipments. Although, this will be limited to
shipments within a certain period of time for promotion,
which should be negotiated between the shipper and The
. The money to make up losses will be paid
by the government.
4 The holding of profits.
-- The profits earned by selling fish higher than cost prices
will be held by The Organization to make up losses that
may occur in the future.
5 Providing sales reports and business information to the
-- The Organization will make a detailed sales report of the
shipments daily. They will also provide information as
much as possible, including the situation of the whole
market, ideas to improve the quality of goods, favourable
schedules of shipments and so on, to assist and foster
6 The length of The Organization's project.
-- The length of The Organization's project should be as long
as the necessity of assistance is seen in the fish business
<The Expectations>
l The elimination of intentional price leading in the fish
2 The simplification of fish distribution.
3 Opening of the fish distribution system to the public.
4 Invitation of new-comers to the fish business and fostering
of new productions.
5 Stabilizing fish prices.
6 To help the recovery of the depressed fish market.
7 To stimulate and maintain the strength of the whole fish
8 To utilize natural resources fairly.

My conclusion to this book seems to have gone in a
direction to open the markets of Japan to the world.
By making an open and fair wholesale market again, we
can enjoy a worldwide communication made by an "Esperanto
of economics." We will be able to invite, any kind of goods;
of different qualities; from any country. The dinosaur called
the Japanese fish market will be saved from extinction and it
will be the beginning of opening the unique and mysterious
markets of the Japanese society to the world.
This is the only way to pick the good out of Japan.

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