If Kinapping Foreign Children without leaving
Traces at all, Terrorism, what is Terrorism?

This 13-years old girl, Megumi Yokota was kidnapped from a small megumi
town by the sea in Japan on 15 Nov. 1977 by North Korean
agents. It was attempted very secretly as though she had
disappeared in thin air.

Megumi Yokota's parents were left in agony for a long twenty years without having the slightest idea of the where-about of her.
But finally, the truth came to light...
At the beginning of this book, written by journalist Kenji Ishidaka, bookcover
he describes how he got to the fact about Megumi Yokota's
missing and the first time he went to meet her parents to explain what he found out.
The mother, Sakie Yokota said:
"It is the first time after twenty years that an information was brought so clearly and also hopefully. Really, the first time... This is like a dream...or something unreal. I wish what you say is true, I hope she is well. That is all I wish."

In course of the investigations of the kidnapped persons, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea gave the ashes, which they claimed were the remains of Megumi Yokota, back to Japan and said that she had died. But DNA tests proved not only that they were not Megumi Yokota's ashes but ashes of two different unknown persons!

This all proves how North Korea is ignoring human rights and liberty.

On 28 April 2006, U.S. President George W. Bush met Sakie Yokota to hear the story about Megumi Yokota.

The following is an excerpt of a written testimony by Sakie Yokota, mother of abductee Megumi Yokota, for a joint Asia-Pacific and human rights subcommittees hearing under the U.S. House of Representatives International Relations Committee:
Chairman Leach, Chairman Smith, honorable members of the committees, I would like to thank you for providing me this valuable opportunity to speak to you today.
I am Sakie Yokota, mother of Megumi Yokota, who was 13 years old when she was abducted to North Korea in November 1977, 29 long years ago. For 20 agonizing years after Megumi disappeared while on her way home from school, we did not know what happened to her. It was 20 years later, in 1997, when we learned she had been kidnapped by North Korean agents and used as a teacher for the "Japanization" of North Korean agents at the intelligence training school of the Kim Jong IL Political Military University on the outskirts of Pyongyang, North Korea.
Naturally, we were immediately overjoyed we with the thought that Megumi is alive and hoped to be able to see her right away. At the same time, we were plagued by doubt about why an incident of this proportion had not been known to us for so long.
Since then, nine more years have passed and we are still unable to reach our daughter. It saddens me profoundly and I feel so humiliated whenever I think about why we cannot rescue her.
I feel a deep burning anger toward the North Korean regime. It has invented countless lies and deceptions while defiantly mocking us with its claim of innocence. We need to rescue the abductees from as many as 12 different countries who were innocent of any wrongdoing when they became victims of the outrageous state terrorism perpetrated by North Korea. They have been seeking our help...for too many years now. We must also not forget the North Korean people who suffer from atrocious human rights abuses of their government.
In case of my daughter Megumi, we learned about her abduction from a North Korean agent who later took asylum. He testified that when Megumi was kidnapped, "she was held in a small dark chamber in the bottom of a special intelligence ship, where she scraped the walls with her fingers while crying out desperately, 'Mother, help me!' and that is how she was carried across the dark sea.
We and the parents of other abductees are running out of time because of our advancing age. My daughter and other abductees must be alive somewhere in North Korea. The whole world knows the savagery of that country and how lightly it makes of human lives. The description by your president, George W, Bush, calling it the "axis of evil," is exactly right.
Numerous youngsters of Japan, South Korea and many other countries have been detained for several decades. They know they could be sent to a concentration camp or be executed if they don't behave as ordered. They are waiting for our help, even now. It is as if they are being drowned. If we see someone being drowned it is the nature of our humanity that we would immediately jump into the water extending our hand to help, putting aside everything else.
We families are fatigued, both physically and mentally, yet we cannot stop as long as our children are seeking our help. I pray that the people of Japan and America, and all freedom-loving people of the world, in unison, will demonstrate to North Korea that we are really "angry."
I plead for all the countries to join us in saying that we will not forgive the abductions, all the victims must be returned immediately or we will initiate economic sanctions."
Last month in Japan, U.S. Ambassador Thomas Schieffer kindly inspected the site...where Megumi was abducted. He obviously felt the cruelty of the abduction and remarked, "this is one of the saddest stories, if not the saddest, I have ever heard." We cannot recover the lost years for our children, but we can rescue the victims that were abducted...and allow them to spend the rest of their life in the lands of freedom. This is a sincere wish from the bottom of our hearts for all of the family members.
Members of Congress, members of the administration and people of America, please render us your help.

2006.05.05. updated

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